Half up ponytail? Yes please! 

Okay so I think this ponytail is trendy! I’ve seen this one on quite a few people recently! And if Brooke rocks this style then I’m positive it is worth trying!! 

Here is my take on it!  

   This is my first try so I’m thinking a few changes might happen next time. Like more hair down and maybe straighten before pulling up?  But as you can imagine since I love messy ponytails, I love this one! 
And yes that is a cut up tee shirt, if you were wondering! They aren’t super classy! Ha! But this breastfeeding momma loooooves them. Pack of men’s tees plus a pair of scissors equals wardrobe for a week!! 

As I post today, I’m sitting outside with the kids and listening to WW yell at the wind. He is saying “noooo wind don’t blow over my things. I’m painting this!”.  Ha! I’m also finally getting to drink my coffee which is now cold but I’m still enjoying it! Hubby surprised me with it. Around 8:15a this morning I heard footsteps in the hallway. I opened my eyes and couldn’t  see anything, turns out WW’s leg was over my eyes!! Long story short, WW, AK and I were all in my bed asleep and Hubby said we were quite the sight! Ha! Morning snuggles really are the best! 

Hope you are having a great Thursday so far!

Tell me something about your morning! 

What are your thoughts on this ponytail?  

Friday Favorites #6

Yippee, it is FriYAY!!

Really though being a stay at home mommy all my days run together! But I do vaguely remember my working weeks when Fridays were so exciting!!  Now Fridays are exciting because of Friday Favorite blog posts of course!  Kidding. . .Kinda!  Let’s dive right into what I have been loving lately!

Fall temperatures.  I do not even have to elaborate here.  Fall days are simply the best!

All things pumpkin.  I am loving the pumpkin flavored coffee and pumpkin muffins.  I love the pumpkin/Fall decorations.  I even love the orange pumpkin color!  WW is loving pumpkins in general.  He picked out the ugliest pumpkin of all at the store this week and had to have it.  He has played and played with it!  Honest, this kid has toys and lots of them but this pumpkin has been hours of fun.  Aww to be a kid, right?!

The ugly pumpkin (plus an acorn squash and a pie pumpkin which are destined to make yummy baby food for AK) had to ride by him in the cart at the store.  The car cart and all of it’s germy glory.  Eeeekkk!


Photography.  I truly love taking pictures!  The hay fields are beautiful right now.  I love the tall grass that looks purple!  And overcast days like we have been having lately make for perfect lighting!!  I took some family pictures a couple weeks ago!  The group totaled 13!!  A big but fun group!!  (PS: I love TAKING the pictures. Editing is no bueno.  Ugh editing is the worst.  A necessary evil I guess.)


That sweet Hubby of mine.  He is on my daily favorites list!  Okay okay he is on it more often than not! ha! But he makes the official P&P list this week.  He surprised me with a date to one of my favorite restaurants.  Kid-free!!  My mom came over and watched WW and AK!  Even though I have anxiety about leaving my littles, my anxiety is significantly less when I know they are with my mom!  And you know what?  It was delightful to have adult conversation and actually taste my food (as opposed to just inhaling it as I wrestle with kids) at dinner!!  What a thoughtful Hubby!  As of September 18, we have been married for 7 years.  That is over 220,752,000 seconds of martial bliss.

These Bows and Bow Ties.  Aren’t these the cutest?  They are from JoJo & Co on Etsy and are absolutely adorable!!




Tell me one favorite from your week!!  If you don’t have a favorite, feel free to use one of mine! Ha!


Hey! Its me, Kristin.

Oh hi there Blogging World!!

I have missed you.  I have been here and there and this way and that way.  I will catch you up!

It was me, not you.  I failed to make time in my life for you.  And I promise to work on that.  Because I know quality time is your love language.

Let’s get back together?!?

All joking aside, I let myself get busy in life and didn’t find the time and energy to blog!! I soooo missed it! But the bright side? I have so so so much to tell you!

Where to begin, where to begin??

Workin’ on my Fitness??  Okay so to be totally honest here, I stopped at week 9 of my BBG program.  I completely lost motivation.  But not to worry I am starting the program over on Sunday!!  Tiffany and I are starting over together, maybe we should make up a name for it like something something Restart or Take Two. . . ?!?!  Obviously the name needs some work but October 3rd starts BBG Week 1. . . again.

Yesterday I joined a gym.  I know you are thinking, “great idea Kristin like you have time for that, remember those two little cuties that call you mommy?” and I am thinking that too!!  Hubby joined a local gym and signed me up too!  You know you have been working out at home for too long when you kind of forget which machine does what and have to give yourself a crash course on the weights and weight machines.  Eeeekkk!  And did you know that key cards and passcodes are things of the past for gyms??  I scan my fingerprint to enter?!?!  Yes I have been out of the gym scene for a while! Luckily I will not loose or misplace my finger. . well I hope not anyway!

Here I am taking a gym selfie to document my “new beginning”.  And in case you are wondering, I did smell like spit up but no one mentioned it! Ha!  Not the most flattering picture but it shows me that I still have progress to make.


Oh and people let me tell you my wonderful oh so exciting news. . . . I can finally fit into my pre pregnancy jeans!!!!!  -insert happy dance here-  So wearing my jeans aren’t exactly comfortable but that is not the point!  Ha!  This milestone definitely motivates me!!

In other news, we have been having some amazing weather here in Arkansas!!  I love this cool weather! I makes me so happy!  The kids and I have been spending as much time as possible outside soaking up the quickly passing Fall season.

WW, AK and I yesterday.


WW and AK in WW’s dump truck.  Don’t panic, AK only gets to sit in the truck for pictures!  {Me:  WW lets sit AK in your dump truck and take a picture.  WW:  Okay I’ll drive fast.  Me:  Oh no just a picture, Sis is just a baby and can’t ride in the truck yet.  WW:  Sissssssster don’t touch anything.  Say cheese and get out.}


This girl, who needed to be held pretty much all day yesterday, is growing so quickly.  She is crawling and waving and acting like a big girl. Bittersweet.


Boys love bugs!


Now I’m off to cook some breakfast and get this day started!!

Have a wonderful Thursday friends!!

Are you a member of a gym?  What do you use to get into the building?

Do you love Fall weather as much as I do?


Friday Favorites: 9/11 Edition

Honestly, I have no words to explain the devastation and tragedy that occurred here in the United States of America in 2001.  I didn’t have words then and now years later, still nothing.  I cannot understand or even reason out the thought or motive behind terror attacks.  So much hate.  So sad.  These feelings lead us into Friday Favorites: 9/11 Edition.

I am thankful for a God who still reigns.  The One who is still on the throne and in charge. The One who has promised to not give his people more than they can handle.  The One who has promised to return one day.

I am thankful for the emergency workers who risked their lives for others.  Some gave their lives.  Some live daily with the physical and mental reminder of that day.  People like these emergency workers remind us that there is still love in a world filled with hate.  Good still exists.

I am thankful for the way our country banned together for the families of those lost in the attacks.  Americans showed compassion.  And we continued moving forward sending the message that we are a strong nation.  That we care for our own.  That we can regroup and restart.

I am still praying for the families who lost loved ones.  I don’t have the words to help their hearts but I know the One who can.

Hope each one of you find time today to remember the ones who died in the terror attacks.  Take time to say a pray for the families who are still mourning.  

Never Forget.

Read more about the devastating attacks here here or here

Zoo-tacular Weekend.

My mom, my husband and I took the kiddos to the zoo last weekend.  It was the Memphis Zoo!  So fun!  Hot but fun!  I love the zoo but let’s pretend that we went for WW and AK! Ha!

Let me back up first. Mom came down early on Friday and went to the library with us!

kb 031

After Hubby got home from work, we were Memphis bound!! The kids are actually decent travelers!  Mom sat in the back seat in between them so they were in kid heaven having all of Gan’s attention!  Once in Memphis, we did some shopping and got something to eat.  Since I have two busy little ones eating in restaurants is far from my idea of fun.  Hubby and mom humored me and we picked up dinner and ate at the hotel.  Pasta from Macaroni Grill.  It wan’t terrible! After getting settled, we headed to bed.  WW and AK weren’t impressed with the sleeping arrangements and they hate to sleep so they were up and down all night.

Saturday morning we had some breakfast and headed to the zoo!!

The sweet stroller lovin’ started as soon as the kids got in the stroller.  Heart melted.


And we were greeted at the zoo by this snake! Eeekkkk!! Not impressed.



How cute is this Panda!!




WW and I rode a camel!  The camel’s name was Cotton.



The elephants are my very favorite!!  They were flapping their ears!


WW had his face painted.  Against my better judgement I encouraged it!  How gross is that paintbrush?!?  A petri dish of germs/bacteria!  Ugh! Anyway the shark was cute.  We didn’t see a shark at the zoo but that is the pic he chose!




The kids (and adults) were tired after a morning of animal sight seeing!  We headed back to the rent house after picking up on Panera Bread Co for lunch.  My favorite! I did stray from my normal order and was disappointed.  Why mess with a good thing? Ha!

What a short but fun filled trip!  I loved having time with my family!!  We tried to get my mom to stay with us all weekend but she had to go back home Saturday night!

Most importantly, I had pumpkin coffee in all of it’s toxic glory!  It. Was. Delicious!!  You know what pumpkin coffee means though?!?!  Fall is upon us!!!!  Yippee!!

Do you love the zoo?  Do you love Fall coffee flavors?

Whoaaaaaa Nelly!

Happy Post Labor Day Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and enjoyed time with family and friends!

I had a fun filled weekend, more about that later this week.  I come to you today in between wiping runny noses and cuddling with fussy little ones.  My  poor babies!  I have the humidifier on high and the house smells of peppermint!  Plus I am saying lots of prayers to have my healthy and happy babies back soon.

I am putting the brakes on today!!  This last weekend I ate fast food multiple times and even had soda!!  Eeekkk!  And workouts?  What does that word even mean?!?  So today I am finding my focus.  I am forgiving myself for straying off the straight and healthy way.  I am saying whoaaaa Nelly so my holiday weekend doesn’t ooze into my week!  I have my meals planned for the week and that sweet Hubby of mine did our grocery shopping!  I’m set for success!!

I am starting week 10 of BBG workouts this week!  I am actually way behind where I should be since I took a couple weeks off!  But I should have progress pictures for you to see by the end of the week!  Slowly but surely making progress!!

If you need me today I will still be in my pajamas rocking sweet babies still in their pajamas, wiping noses, kissing cheeks, rubbing feet with peppermint and coconut oil, giving lots of hugs and extra attention, and drinking strong coffee!

Happy Tuesday friends!IMG_1544

“Gotta Get Stuff Done” Ponytail.

I love ponytails.  More often than not in my life, they are more of a necessity. So today’s ponytail probably will not win any glamour awards, but is quick and easy peasy!

Braid or twist small piece of hair in front.  Pull the rest of you hair back in a ponytail.

kb 034


Take braided/twisted piece back to ponytail and wrap around starting from the under side.  After completely wrapping around the base of the ponytail, tuck the end of the piece in your ponytail holder.  Poof you are done!

kb 036

kb 035


Bathroom selfie and baby wearing are optional! Ha!

This is my “gotta get stuff done” ponytail.  High ponytails mean business!

Hope you are having a terrific Thursday!  Almost the weekend!!


To Spark or Not to Spark?

Okay so did that title confuse you or what?!?

Sunday I tried a energy drink of sorts.  It is called AdvoCare Spark.  This AdvoCare line seems to be a wonderful and popular thing.  A little background, the company started in 1993 and is a nutrition, health and wellness company.

Now back to the the Spark.  Becky, a blogger friend who is a AdvoCare distributor and a fellow breastfeeding mommy, sent me a sample.  How sweet was that?!? Super sweet!  And she sent a hand written note!  Super super sweet!

kb 168

Almost immediately I mixed the packet with water!!  Tasty.  Kind of a Crystal Light taste.  Fruity.  Delicious.  Of course I took a selfie!

kb 170


Becky calls this drink her “mommy juice” and after trying it I’m a believer! It is definitely the pick me up that I need!  No Sunday afternoon nap needed for this chick, I was raring to go!  Luckily I had energy since AK felt like she and I should be touching non stop.  This is me cooking dinner.  I guess I mean us cooking dinner not just me.

kb 174


Now is it wrong to have coffee for breakfast and Spark for lunch?!?! Kidding. . .Kinda.  Ordering a canister of this energy booster is on my to do list! Now to just figure out which flavor to order!

Have you tried any AdvoCare products?  Do you looooove energy boosting products, like I do?

A form of group fitness?

My thoughts on exercising with kids!!

kb 504

Lead by example.  Exercising with your littles shows them that health is important!

kb 120

Quality time.  Kids need like really need your time.  This is multitasking at it’s best, quality time plus checking exercise off your to do list.

kb 035

Use their toys as props. Home gyms get creative here! ha!

kb 045

Better yet use your little sweeties as weights!  Plus they are wiggly which can only help your balance!

kb 168

Helps them release some of that mass amount of energy they have stored in those little bodies! (read: better nap times and bedtimes ha!)

kb 084

Increases balance.  Whether you are holding them for extra weight, trying not to step on them or holding a toy/snack/drink for them your balance can’t help but improve!

kb 087

Entertainment! People, kids are so funny!  Especially when they are imitating you.  And their imaginations go crazy with new moves and equipment.

kb 045

Motivation.  When a kid cheers for you, you know they truly mean it.  Heart melting I tell you!

kb 003

Rep Counting.  Practicing numbers for you little one!  WW skips 5 and 6 almost every single time he counts and so I looooove it when he counts my reps!  Haha!  And recently I was struggling to get my jeans on (#struggleisreal #stillreal) and trying to stretch them out by lunging across my bedroom.  WW started counting for me! Ha! Made me laugh which helped prevent a “mommy has nothing to wear” meltdown!!

kb 498

Exercising with kids honestly is not always fun!  Focus is minimal and the exercises have to be modified accordingly.  But if you have the patience and the time, it really is rewarding, mentally and physically for you and the little one!

kb 130


Do you think this counts as group fitness?? I vote yessss!

Just today.

Happy Tuesday friends!! A couple pics from our morning!! Currently naptime for WW here.

I picked up coffee today and headed to the park!  80 degree weather today! Love love love it!  In my quest to stroll leisurely while sipping my coffee, I bribed WW with a fruit smoothie!  Worked like a charm.  The smoothie was peach apricot.  Smelled so yummy!

We worked on learning left vs right.  This park has lots of sidewalks weaving all over.  WW picked right, left or straight at each intersection.  Yes I did get some stares as I made circles as WW said right, right, right.  Or said right then changed his mind and wanted to go left!  We had the time to wander aimlessly and the patience too.   Here is my view.  AK fell asleep on WW’s shoulder!  He said “awwww sweet gurl”.  Ahhhhh dorable!  I just can’t make this kind of sweetness up.


This park has lots of sidewalks and trees!  Plus lots of squirrels and birds!  Win for mom.  Win for kids.

After I finished my coffee and WW finished his smoothie, we headed to the playground equipment.  This creature greeted us.  I hate big bugs and I cannot lie.  Any ideas on what it is??  Besides what bad dreams are made of.  Eeeekkk!  

WW was intrigued.  He got pretty close.  Too close if you ask me.

WW mastered the rope bridge today.  Back and forth and back and forth and . . .   

Since I didn’t remember to grab a hat for WW or the sunscreen, we kept our park outing short!  No mom of the year award for this girl.

Another reason I will not be receiving any awards for my parenting is explained in this picture. This is at the library storybook hour this morning.

Yes that is an iron.  Yes he thinks it is a phone.  Ha!  First he thought it was a boat, then a phone.  Honest mistake considering I do not even own an iron!  #don’tjudge

Now I am going to do a quick clean up of the house, fix a snack since WW thinks he is starving when he wakes up every single time, and start some laundry!

Workout plan for today is 45 minutes of continuous activity such as walking.  I got in my stroll but think I should probably add a little to that.  Maybe some basketball with hubby tonight?  Or a quick HIIT workout?

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

What is/was your exercise plan for today?

Do you hate big bugs too?